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Why fear something God has already seen


There is a right approach to pursue the Presence of God. The Bible says those that seek Him will find Him, however, many of us are unaware of the steps involved in seeking. Some of these steps include prayer, fasting, bible study, posture and time. This devotional is a 90 day guide for millennials in their desire to reach God. While reading you will feel as though God is speaking directly to you; personally guiding you on your expedition to Him.


Each day of this devotional offers wisdom on:     

  • The importance of your seek     

  • How to cultivate a heart of gratefulness     

  • How to deepen your relationship with God     

  • How to posture yourself during your seek     

  • Spending time daily with God

This is a gift to all who yearn to passionately pursue a relationship with the Father.

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